Felix – Lutino Cockatiel


Felix is a male lutino cockatiel – his hatchdate is estimated to be Feb 2008.

This guy lived with over 17 cockatiels in a small 1 x 2 ft cage.  Unfortunately his first years of life were spent in a very crammed cage with inadequate space and food. He has been with us since 2014 and has not yet made any friends, he prefers to be alone.  He is a shy boy but with time and attention we fully believe he can learn to trust a special human.  He is fully flighted but we have clipped him in the past as he is a strong flyer and isn’t sure when to slow down!

He is a seed eater but does like Harrisons fine pellets, cucumbers and kale are his favorite greens so far and millet.

He currently shares a flight cage with 3 other birds and will need a cage (we do have extra cages if needed).

If your interested in this guy, please fill out an application or send us an email: [email protected]

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