George – African Grey


This little man is the newest arrival to Birdline.  He is between 30 and 40 years old – potentially abit older or younger. (No DNA yet to determine gender)

He has had a pretty rough go of things in his life and is still trying to figure things out – especially hands.  His behavior towards certain things leads us to believe he may  not have been handled very gently at some point as he is quick to bite – and although he has not bitten any of us yet, he has bitten others in the past quite aggressively.

He has very distinct body language and lets you know if hes uncomfortable.  He will also do the “grey growl” when he is scared of something – once you move the offending item, he will settle back down.

He was actively plucking previously but has not been pulling any feathers since arriving – he was introduced to wood blocks and a variety of toys and these keep him super busy! We were told he would climb off his cage and chew anything he could get his beak on – baseboards/door trim/furniture etc.  Since arriving we have not seen this behavior.

The introduction of toys has been slow and will need to continue to be slow – seeing things for the first time makes him nervous and he will turn to his feathers immediately – when you move the object away from him, he leaves his feathers alone.

He has been adapting to the diet change and lovesssss berries – he will pick one up at a time, and squish it – be prepared – berry juice WILL be on your floor and walls.  Since the diet change and the addition of Harrison’s high potency, we are noticing a difference in his overall feet and feather condition.

This grey will need an experienced owner – he is NOT for a first time home and will require someone with ALOT of patience.  Everything he does, he does on his terms and when hes ready.   He comes out when he wants to, and goes in when he wants – although we are working with treat training and so far its going pretty good.

He is messy – his cage is wiped down daily – he truly enjoys his food and will get it everywhere – kind of like a 2 yr old!

His vocabulary not only includes sentences and songs, but many many sound effects.  Some of them can be loud but if you join in with him and change the tone/pitch of your singing, he will also join in and use his “quiet” voice.

He is not comfortable yet stepping up on hands or arms and is terrified of sticks/dowels – he is also still very scared of play-stands – we have been working on slowly moving a small one closer to his cage so he can get used to having it near and slowly learn over time that it will not hurt him.

He has no fear of dogs/cats – we do not know how he is with small children, but based on his history, we do not recommend any children under 12.

We will accept applications for him and he will be available for adoption in January.


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