Pixie and Bandit – Lovebirds

Pixie and Bandit are a bonded pair of Lovebirds.

They are semi tame, and really a couple of interesting characters. Their diet is harrisons (fine) and fruit and veges – and a bit of seed.  They love millet and enjoy their greens!

They need to be the only birds as there is aggression shown to other birds near their cage.  A cockatiel landing on their cage unfortunately ended up with a serious toe injury that resulted in an amputation.

They are fully flighted and go back to their cage readily – or enjoy riding around on your head.

They have had their avian health exam and are ready for their new family. There flight cage provides them lots of flying room and they truly do use up the space!

Pixie (blue colored)has been plucking her right wing since she arrived. She has had blood work but nothing showed up.  Its believed it started as a habit and unfortunately she had not been able to break it as of yet.  They are both between 6 – 7 years old.

Please email if you have any further questions about this duo.

Pixie and Bandit


A father of 4, husband to one, and parront to many! I love Greys above all and enjoy every moment with my flock.

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