Birdline Canada 2018 Calendar

Birdline Canada Parrot Rescue – recognizing the rescue parrots around the world.

We want to recognize the other rescue organizations/shelters that have provided love and support to parrots in their care and the families who opened up their homes and their hearts to a parrot in need.  This calendar will showcase those people and their parrots.

Calendars will be on sale beginning Nov 15, 2017 and YOUR favorite parrot can be one of the featured months!

We are offering a full month photo for 50.00 which includes one calendar that will be shipped directly to you (or send as a gift to someone!). Or, if you want to commemorate a special month/day you can pick that date for 10.00 (does not include a calendar).

Your parrot MUST have been adopted from a shelter or a rescue organization (this will be published). Please include a biography of your parrot and how the parrot has changed your life.

All photos MUST be high resolution to ensure the best quality of the calendar and need to be emailed to [email protected]  Any photos that are not clear/crisp cannot be used.

All months are purchased on a first come first serve basis. You will receive the invoice and have 24 hours to submit payment. If payment is not received, the next person in line will have the ability to purchase that month.

A Paypal invoice will be sent to you and payment method can then be chosen. If you do not have Paypal you can send an etransfer to [email protected]

Calendars will be limited and will be available for 20.00 (+shipping).

Deadline for photo submissions will be Sunday Oct 15th.

Click HERE to take you to the order form.

This spot will be updated as individual months are purchased.

  • January – available
  • February – available
  • March – SOLD!
  • April – available
  • May – availabe
  • June – available
  • July – available
  • August – available
  • September – available
  • October – available
  • November – available
  • December – SOLD!

Your continued support allows us to help the parrots that come into our care. It also allows us to offer assistance to those families in need by providing food/supplies for those in tough circumstances.


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